5 Free Introductory Lessons

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Lesson 1: "GOAL"
Lesson 2: "COMMUNITY"
Lesson 3: "ACCEPTANCE"
Lesson 4: "HONESTY"
Lesson 5: "STEREOTYPE"
What Is the System of Health Management?
The System of Health Management (SUZ – abbrev. from "Sistema Upravleniya Zdoroviem" in Russian) — is a scientifically based technology for health recovery and self-actualization in all areas of life: physical, psychological, social, economic, and spiritual.

SUZ is based on the works of prominent scientists: Physiologist, pioneer of brain sciences, I.M. Sechenov, physiologist, creator of the science of highest nervous activity, Noble Prize laureate in the field of Medicine and Physiology, I.P. Pavlov physiologist, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, laureate of Lenin's Prize, P.K. Anokhin, physiologist, Academician of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, K.V. Sudakov, many other contemporary researchers of neuroscience.

Founder of SUZ – Dmitry Shamenkov

  • married, father of four children
  • founder of the School of Health and Self-Actualization
  • doctor, specialist in family medicine, biotherapy and aging prophylactics, development and launch of new technologies in medicine
  • member of the Advisory Board of Skolkovo Foundation
  • member of the Advisory Board of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (Bortnik Fund)
  • founder of (social network)
  • co-founder of SUZretreat in Thailand
TEDx Talk by D. Shamenkov on SUZ "Be Honest – Be Healthy"
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Social Network of operates on the principles of a non-local biosocial neural network - a permanent group of people united by common healthy goals and principles of living systems.

Using this social network leads to your efficient, sustainable and long-term development of a healthy personality.

Phases of Using the
1) Problem Recognition

To benefit from the system, it is important to initially realize your problem, then recognize that it cannot be solved by other ways you already know

2) Materials Study (As Needed)

After registration you have the opportunity to examine in more detail materials on basic principles and practices of the System of Health Management

3) Practice

Share your experiences and results of practice in the general thread of the network, subscribe to people and communities that you find interesting, find like-minded people in your area, and unite in groups to achieve common healthy goals.